Who should take Super Act-99®Supreme sachet ?

Super Act-99®Supreme sachet can be taken by all the men who wish to have satisfied and pleasant sex life. It is very helpful to all men who suffer from erectile dysfunction,lower sex drive, early ejaculation, weak or short-term erections.

Is Super Act-99®Supreme sachet safe ?

Super Act-99®Supreme sachet is100% safe. It is a dietary supplement which contains purest forms of exotic herbs collected world wide. Super Act-99® is a brand present in the market since 2003 with lakhs of satisfied customers.

Does Super Act-99®Supreme sachet contains steroids ?

No, it does not contain any steroids, it is purely made of extracts of exotic herbs.

Will I get addicted to Super Act-99®Supreme sachet ?

No Super Act-99®Supreme sachet does not contain any ingredients which will make you addicted.

How should I take Super Act-99®Supreme sachet ?

You can take one sachet of Super Act-99®Supreme one or one and half hour before you plan to have sex.

I m a patient of diabetes ? Will it be safe for me?

There are no side effects of Super Act-99®Supreme sachet . It is completely safe for diabetes patients.

I am suffering from weak erection or no erection sometime will it help?

Definitely you will get hard and long term erection and a complete sex satisfaction.

I am suffering from fast ejaculation (early discharge) will it Help ?

Surely, it will help for a longer sex duration.

Can I improve my over all sex life ?

Yes you can, take one sachet of Super Act-99® daily form 20 days to boost your over all reproductive system.