Super Act-99® Chargefil


    Price – 10 Sachet Packet(30gm)

    Good sexual health is as important as good physical and emotional health for us. A large population (young & old) is suffering from poor sexual health and many other sex problems.

    Some of the common problems faced by males are :–

    1.ErrectIle  dysfunction

    2.Premature ejaculation

    3.Fatigue – lack of energy  to maintain the erection through out the whole sexual act.

    4.Stamina problems.

    Most of  people take allopathic drugs/blue pill, which is a temporary solution with plenty of side effects.

    Super Act-99®Chargefil sachet contains 3gm powder which is unique combination of highest quality extracts of exotic herbs collected worldwide. It is one of its kind, potential and extraordinary sex enhancer to increase libido and sexual desire & works as a very powerful male sex stimulant.