Super Act ® 99 & Time Act Capsule (COMBO PACK) With Free Super Act ® 99 Massage Oil worth Rs. 600/-


    Experience the amazing effects of Traditional Potency Herbs.

    Super Act® 99 is an Ayurvedic herbal preparation that is formulated to provide aphrodisiac effects along with vigor and vitality and enhanced mental and physical endurance. The herbs are carefully selected and precisely blended to create the most effective formulation that a natural product can provide for rekindling desire and having a generally beneficial effect on a man’s health and vitality.

    Super Act® 99 floods the bloodstream with natural herbs, increasing blood flow to the penis and resulting in harder, more powerful erections. You will feel the difference.

    The kit also includes Time Act Capsules with balanced Ayurvedic herbs formulated to increase the timing without any side effects.

    The Super Act® 99 massage oil worth Rs. 600/- is free in this combo pack. This is a formulation of different natural herbs. It helps in correcting erectile dysfunction and increasing the blood flow to penile tissues. It also enhances the power of erection and is effective in treating premature ejaculation.